The Wizard of Oz – Issu



     Here we have the  ilustrated story of Wizard of Oz  made by one of my pupils. To give the idea of the story we diceded to publish with Issu programme because it is possible to see it as a book.  This programme allows  you to  improuve the presentations and is really innovative.

2 Responses to “The Wizard of Oz – Issu”

  1. Pilar dice:

    Great work and excellent presentation!

  2. Rosario/Rosi dice:

    Hello! Ana Rosa has told me about your blog. I really like it, the contents, the colours and  of course the design. It is very cool.
    Moreover, it’s really great that you work classic books with the children. A part from comics and fairy tales, The Wizard of OZ  it's the first book I read and I did enjoy it very much. And the way you get so much from new technologies is impressive. 
    From time to time these stories come to our lives again and again…the spot of Nestea a couple of years ago with the song of the Wizard of Oz, so catchy lyrics!
    Furthermore, on April 16th the 3D movie Alice in Wonderland on cinemas. Incredible don’t you think! I’m dying to watch it! Never tired of it!
    Great effort the one you’re doing!
    Go on like this! 

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